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Child protective services are provided to children up to age 18.

The goals of both Child Protective Services are:

  • To protect children from abuse, neglect or exploitation
  • To help keep families together and to support self-determination of adults
  • To help families provide a safe and nurturing environment for their members

The process of Child Protective services is as follows:

  • Intake - Receipt, screening and validation of complaint
  • Initial risk assessment - Determining immediate risk to alleged victims
  • Investigation - Who, what, when, where, how
  • Assessment of needs - What services are needed by family
  • Disposition - Did abuse or neglect as defined by policy and code occur

Child Protective Services Team

Family and Children's Services
Provides preventative services to "at-risk" families to prevent abuse or neglect. These services include on-going case management, as well as information and referral to other community service agencies.

Intensive Family Services
Provides case management to families who have had a founded Child Protective Service Complaint or who have been determined to be at high risk of abuse or neglect. This includes cases of spouse abuse when children are involved.

Aide Services
Aides are home-based, direct service providers, who work with families to help them learn the skills they need to provide a safe and nurturing environment for their children. Aides attempt to empower families to meet their own needs, utilizing an adult learning model that focuses on areas such as foods and nutrition, home safety, child growth and development, budgeting and parenting skills.

Court Ordered Services
Services that are ordered by the juvenile or circuit court. These services include home studies, supervised visits, home supervision, and mediation.

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